Cash When You Need It Most

Pawn Your Vehicle for Instant Cash and Acquire Cash When You Need It Most!

Pawn Your Vehicle service is provided by Asset Exchange: Vehicle, Gold and Diamond Exchange, whereby you can Pawn your fully paid up vehicle instantly.

We Pawn ALL vehicle types such as but not limited to:

• Cars both Sedans and Hatchbacks
• SUVs and 4x4’s
• Light Delivery Vehicles such as Bakkies and Small Delivery Vehicles
• Passenger Vehicles and Mini-busses
• Trailers
• Watercraft and Jet Skis
• Trucks and Heavy Machinery
• Motorbikes, Quad Bikes and Recreational vehicles
• Sports Cars and Collectors Cars,
• Yellow Metal, Mining Equipment and even Earth Moving Machinery 

We Pawn

How We Work

1. Fill out the easy online form below (*Required Fields)
2. An agent will be in touch
3. You bring your vehicle in for valuation along: with original registration certificate in your name and your identity document.
4. We evaluate your car onsite- and upon your approval, we sign the contract and pay you out.

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